How Much Will It Cost?

If you have not purchased flowers for other occasions, chances are you are not very familiar with how much flowers cost. So without a previous purchase for comparison, you do not have any kind of gauge on how much wedding flowers cost.

The simple answer is, there is no one size fits all wedding floral budget.

Let me explain, every flower is a different price. And this price fluctuates throughout the year based on availability, color choice, quantity and so on. Then there is the consideration of the complexity of your design. Will it take many hands on deck to bring this vision to life? Will there be special equipment needed? (e.g: What do need need to hang your floral hoop from the ceiling?) These are just a few of the variables that factor into the pricing of your flowers. 

There are pie charts out there stating a typical floral budget is about 10-15% of your overall wedding budget. This depends greatly on the vision you have for your wedding. 

Here are some guidelines to help you determine whether your event and Floradashery are a good match:

For full service floral design and delivery, Floradashery has a minimum dollar amount per event of $2,000. For smaller budgets, we offer an option to pick up from our studio. We do not recommend studio pick up for orders with centerpieces. These can be tricky to transport. So for their protection, we prefer to deliver them to ensure their safety.

Here are some very basic price averages per item:

  • Bridal bouquet- $300
  • Bridesmaid- $100
  • Boutonniere- $20
  • Low Centerpiece- $100
  • Tall Centerpiece- $250

We are happy to make suggestions that will work within your budget. We believe the mark of a good designer is being able to take your budget and maximize those dollars to bring your floral vision to life.  It is best to set up an appointment with Floradashery so we can discuss your unique event and provide you an accurate proposal.  Please contact us to set-up a consultation.