The Studio

Floradashery is a floral design studio. What does that mean exactly? It means, while we have made the commitment to being in a commercial space, we are not a traditional florist with a retail store. We do not sell flowers by the stem or giftware. We are also only open by appointment.

When I started Floradashery I knew I wanted to provide a one of a kind floral experience. When you visit my studio, you will see a large table, instead of a counter. It feels transactional to me to stand on one side of a counter, with my client standing on the other. I enjoy sitting down at a table and taking the time to connect with my clients, over a cup of coffee. (or glass of wine) It is this personal connection that is the cornerstone of my business.

The Studio itself is also a bit unique. I chose to not separate the work area. Yes, it gets messy while we work, but I did not want to hide this mess. I want my clients to be able to see us work, in all it’s very messy glory. So stop in and watch us work, and ask us anything. I love to talk about flowers.

Our cute little studio did not start out looking like much. I am not exaggerating when say the space that Floradashery calls home has been a major undertaking. There were endless days, gallons and gallons of paint, sore muscles, countless trips to Lowe’s and maybe some moments of frustrated tears. I am so utterly proud of this little studio! I am endlessly thankful to my family and my amazing friend, Summer. I would not have been able to do this without them. Summer and I installed that floor ourselves people! We bought all the cabinets that would become the work tables at Restore and painted them and built the tops ourselves!! My family existed on lots of take out and very little clean laundry. I would not have been able to accomplish this dream without all of them.

Here are some photos of the journey.