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dash of kindness program

The Dash of Kindness Program was started to address the needless floral waste after an event. We love that we can provide our clients with the flowers they want for their event, provide some cheer to the recipients, and do a favor for mother earth in the process. It is a win win for sure!

For your event, Floradashery will place a custom made card on each table. This will inform your guests about the donation. Then the donated bouquets will each have a custom made card informing the recipient who donated them - but not your contact information - and why they were donated. We are happy to create them with a special message if you would like.

We do not seek to profit from this donation service. The fees cover the costs of the flower pick up team (we do need a bit more time when we pick up flowers for donation, vs. just cleaning up. We take extra steps to protect those precious blooms so they can make it to donation day.), vases, and delivery. We use volunteers -- some times the bride and groom, or their family will come take part, which is awesome! -- to make the bouquets. We can not deliver them in the large vessels that were used at your event. We will take these large arrangements apart and make several small arrangements. This only spreads the love that much further. The average wedding can result in 50+ bouquets! That is 50 people who you will be responsible for making smile!! All from flowers that would have been disposed of after your event. That is amazing!! 

The donation will be delivered Monday or Tuesday after your event. You may select the location to donate your flowers. We will call them and confirm they will allow it. We limit the location to areas within 20 miles of the Floradashery Studio, in Granger, IN. If you do not have a place in mind, we are happy to make suggestions.

We will provide you with photos of the recipients if possible.